The question is: Who do YOU want to be?

If we are to live a conscious, empowered and extraordinary life, then one of the most important distinctions that need to be clarified is the understanding that our personalities are not fixed, and the fact that we can re-invent ourselves again and again.

This misguided idea of a "fixed personality" is responsible for more lives unlived than probably any other dynamic or belief, it is insipid in human culture and is entirely unnecessary.

Our personality is not fixed, our beliefs are not fixed, our behavior is not fixed.

This belief shows up in the self-limiting voice that says: “Oh! I could never do that!, but this is just how I am!, I’m just wired like this!” or any of its other victim based counterparts.

Words carry power, watch your language, they speak a lot about your current state of inner affairs. Pay attention, your words are your declarations.

Either way, the point is that everything in this game of life, comes back to patterns, tendencies, and habits, which are all mutable, therefore, nothing is fixed and none of it is written in stone.

The fact is that you can change the game, the channel, the script, your story etc, at any time.
Given time, practice and repetition, you can change pretty much any aspect of yourself, your habits, your behaviors, your physiology, your life.

You just need to start, and the best time is always now.

The first step to reinventing yourself is knowing that you can.

The second step is to make the effort.

Focus your thoughts, intentions, and actions into the chosen "you" that you want to be, or need to be, right now, just do it, just be it.

Remember: You choose, and you can change your mind, shift, and recalibrate as you go.

“I am not fixed, I can reinvent myself again and again”

“Who do I choose, or need to be in this moment or situation?”

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the next best time is now”


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