Just Be Yourself

Life is too short to be anybody else

The great thing about being yourself is that you are uniquely tailored on every level to be the very best you out there.

No matter how good anybody else is, they're never going to pull off another 'you' like you do.

Which basically means you are the only one for the job, which in turn implies that you are pretty much irreplaceable, and thus, an integral and unique part of the greater picture here.

Either way in this whole "you being you" thing, you will always hold the advantage.

The best way, therefore, to put yourself at a disadvantage, would be to turn your back on yourself and spend your time and effort trying to be someone else, to live somebody else's life.

True, there's always something to be learned from standing metaphorically in somebody else's shoes, to gain inspiration by another's example, or to model a beneficial behavioral pattern, etc.

But you are not meant to be someone else and you are not meant to be somebody else's idea of who and what you should be.

If you believe that you came here to be somebody else, then my friend you are in trouble.

I know you know, but there are way too many people getting around this planet on auto-pilot, striving to be anything but themselves.

So there you were, born into this incredible and unique little body of yours, with all of your own particular and peculiar magic and spark.

All day long, you would play and explore, you would imagine wonderful things about yourself as a hero or a heroine, you would lend your precious life force and your belief to your stories, and as you acted them out, gradually you became imbued with the skills and characteristics of your childhood visions.

You filled your life with the magic of your hearts dreams and you set off in their direction at any opportunity, and in this way, you grew and you flew.

You didn't care what the neighbors thought, you had no time for that nonsense, you were too busy being yourself (whoever you wanted to be at the time.)

Then somehow, somewhere along the way, somebody convinced you, (or maybe you convinced yourself) to stop playing at your own dreams, singing your own song in favor of somebody else's song and the color of somebody else's dream, be like this, do it like that.

And for one reason and another, you did exactly that, and eventually, you forgot your own tune, you lost touch with your own natural rhythm.

From there forward, every time that your dream would call for some attention, you'd hide it under your bed, almost embarrassed, because surely it wasn't good enough, and besides, everyone else is trying to be like 'this' or 'that', so you should probably follow suit or people will think you are strange and they might reject you.

You started to be more concerned with what others thought about you and 'who' you were.

So you made an extra effort to fit in, to be the you that you thought everyone else wanted you to be, so that you would still be accepted, liked, loved.

You even started to forget that you had forgotten.

Fortunately, there's more to the story, and that's the part where our hero start's to wake up.

Our dreams never give up on us, it's us who give up on our dreams.

In the same way, the authentic self is always available, she can't 'not be' because here you are.

She has no interest in the stories or the petty dramas that we use to distract ourselves from really showing up in this life.

She has no time for excessive rules or archaic fear based moral standards that serve to constrict the natural expression of her authentic self.

Her moral compass finds it's true north in the living wisdom of her heart and the innate and divine intelligence found within all life.

She cares by nature.

She has no interest in defining and thus confining herself within any one particular story, she values her freedom of expression, and knows that it is imperative for her souls' natural evolution.

Residing before the minds ramblings, she is spontaneous and acts on inspired impulse, neutralizing and silencing the monkey mind as it casts its web of doubts and fear.

Who and what we are is beyond belief, it is before belief.

Our true nature is found when we let go of all of the definitions, stories, and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves.

It is our natural expression devoid of the pretense and the masks.

So let go of who you think you need to be and just be who you are.

Work with what you’ve got, love what you’ve got, celebrate what you’ve got.

Follow your heart, your feelings, your intuition.

Be kind to yourself.

Be true to you.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"

-Oscar Wilde-

“Waking up to who you are, requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.”

-Alan Watts-

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