A natural story teller, Jarah's ability to clarify, simplify and unify a broad range of teachings and wisdom from over thirty years of world travel, conscious study, and spiritual exploration is both refreshing and empowering. 

Jarah's message is direct, clear, practical and straight from the heart.

A well loved and respected teacher, Jarah believes that to truly prosper in this world we need to clarify, develop and maintain a healthy and dynamic balance between conscious awareness and conscious creation.

Helping the individual to re-empower themselves through direct recognition of the innate spirit and creative potential inherent within.

Jarah is dedicated to serving as many people as possible to embody and become an awesome force for positive and conscious change in this world.

From a young age, he knew clearly that there was "more' to life, and through many experiences and a near death experience in his twenties, that confirmed and changed everything for him, he has committed his adult life to conscious awakening and serving a vision of a conscious, empowered, creatively dynamic individual.

He is a consummate visual artist, musician, wordsmith and story teller.

He is the founder of 'Empowered Integration- Personal Toolkit' a free online resource dedicated to helping people navigate and integrate radical change in their lives.

Having worked in hundreds of retreat and group settings, through the years, he is now moving some of that work online to make it more universally available.