About Jarah Tree

A visionary artist, musician, writer, storyteller, and transformational facilitator, if Jarah had a personal mantra it would be 'Commit to the Art of Everything.'

His ability to clarify, simplify and unify a broad range of teachings and wisdom from over thirty years of spiritual exploration, conscious study, creative expression, and world travel, is both refreshing and empowering. 

Helping the individual to re-empower themselves through direct recognition of both their essential nature and their inherent creative potential.

His message is direct, clear, practical and straight from the heart.

'To truly thrive in this world we need to establish a vibrant balance between both our conscious awareness and conscious creativity, the relationship between our essential self and our essential nature.

With the primary understanding that we are already perfect as we are right now, as we come, perfectly imperfect, blood, sweat, and tears, messy, sticky, fallible humans.

All of our apparent problems or imperfections are simply our homework, they are not who we are, they don't define us any more than a wave defines the ocean. 

They are a roadmap, a perfect invitation, one way or the other.

Recognize that there is an undeniable intelligence that both infuses and informs all of life, carrying all the information and energy that you will ever need to grow and to thrive.

This life is an evolutionary playing field, and in the end, it's not about becoming who we are, rather it's about unbecoming who we are not.'

 Jarah is the founder of 'Empowered Integration- Personal Toolkit' a free online resource dedicated to helping people navigate and integrate radical change in their lives.

As a transformational facilitator, he works in group and retreat settings, and one on one individual coaching sessions, in person or online.